Positively Inclined

Parents Are The Hardest People To Please

“I don’t believe that one party is always wrong and the other always right. I believe it’s alternates, hence the need for there to be an understanding between parents and their children and acknowledge that they both want the best for each other.” Suli Breaks

Since the beginning of time parents have heard the phrase “You don’t understand me!” come out of their children’s mouth. If not, have at least seen the thought process flash through their child’s mind, exemplified by a “sigh” or a slamming of a door after an argument. Is this merely a part of growth, a rebellious phrase every child must go through to achieve maturity or is there an aspect that is overlooked?

Suli Breaks is calling for all parents to acknowledge that they can learn just as much from their children as their children can learn from them, and visa versa.